Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Kate and the Philosopher's .... candle :)

Today I'd like to show you a super easy but quite impressive idea - a bottle covered with wax. Looks like taken straight from an alchemist's study. I found it on zrob-to-sam (huge thanks to the author - Purpurowa, for all the advice :)
Looks like this:

I chose a dark bottle - I wanted the wax to contrast with the glass.

I used up two candles. I cut the first one and put it in the bottle and melted the other one all over the bottle. If you just light the candle in the bottle it won't melt the way you see in the photo. Purpurowa posted a short clip showing how to get the effect on her blog here

Looks really beautiful when lit :) Like magic (Harry Potter even :P). 

The only drawback is that the wax will break off every time I move the bottle so I'm thinking about using spray glue or varnish to make it more durable. 

To finish off, the view from my window (1,5m away ;) That explains why I sometimes feel watched :P

He's staring ;P

Have a great week! :)

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  1. That bottle looks so cool! what a cute and simple idea!
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