Saturday, 3 November 2012


Great animals, these horses, right? :) I've always had a deep admiration for their beauty and gentleness and wanted to learn to ride one day. I actually had a little adventure with a horse in my childhood...a rocking horse, to be precise. I'm probably the only one who ever fell of a rocking horse and broke an arm! :P  Hence you can imagine the reaction of my mother when I told her I'm taking up horse riding. It's been two months now and I've already managed to fall off my horse once, gallop (by accident!) a few times and I practice jumping over tiny obstacles.  I have lots of fun out of it and recommend every horse fan to  try. Maybe I'll share a few photos soon but for now I'd like to show you a different horse.
Wanted this one (ballard designs):

And have this one (equally nice, although he seems to gallop a little slower...)

I found a gallopping horse silhouette on the Internet and printed it.

Then I glued it on a thick cardboard and cut it out carefully. Tip: make sure it's not a corrugated cardboard - every line would be very visible after painting. 

I found somewhere this old floorboard and drilled two small holes in it.

Next I put two kebab sticks in the holes and glued the horse with my glue gun. Added a third stick horizontally and that's all! :) Of course I painted it all with black spray paint (a few thin layers to avoid any paint runs).

Looks nice :) especially so when surrounded by books. 

Have a great week :)

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