Saturday, 6 October 2012

Birch candles

Today another idea of mine comes to light :) I had some birch bark sheets lying around and two old and not too good-looking candles in the drawer so I thought 'Why not stick it all together?'. Half an hour later I had something like this:

The small tree trunk piece on the left was supposed to be a candleholder, I wanted to make a hole at the top to put a tealight in but the birch turned out to be an inch too narrow so it just stayed the way you can see it here :)

In the close-ups you can see how I managed to stick the bark to the candles, look carefully:)..... Pins! One pin in every corner (or more where necessary) did the job. 

Today (two days after "the candle idea") I saw this on potterybarn:

Looks so beautiful... I've not given up on the idea, just need to find a bigger birch branch in the garden (and find someone to cut it off for me :P)

I also put together this simple piece, it just needs some more acorns:

My white clay mushrooms also go well with autumn so they came back from the drawer exile :) (found the idea somewhere on craftberrybush).

If you look closely, in most of the photos you can see these:

My latest purchase - vintage keys. Great, right? :D

I suppose that's all for today so to finish off more photos of the prototype candle :)

Have a great week! :)

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  1. Hey Kate, I'm convinced that Pottery Barn designers prowl through our blogs waiting to jump on our ideas,take the credit and make thousands of dollars...your birch candles are just beautiful...look for them on next year's PB website...;) xo

  2. I knew that! :D Good to know there's someone else who knows the ugly truth of PB ;)