Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Autumn it is :)

And in the meantime... two metres away from the heathers:

My very own toadstools and other mushrooms :) The one above grows under a beautiful 10-year-old Jasmine shrub.

And even more appear:

These two grow just by the front fence:

Autumn in all its beauty.

I took the pictures above a week ago, now the population of toadstools in the area is about ten ;)

If you can't believe it's a garden and not a forest, here's my fence in the background :P

  OK, I've shown you my huge toadstools so you should also see the small one that "grows" with ivies in a pot :)

   I had a visitor while weeding another part of the garden (which immediately made me run for the camera:P)

'My' autumn looks warm and cosy in the photos:

How can anyone say autumn is a gloomy season? I just love all the warm colours, suppose you do too, so let's enjoy this beautiful season while it lasts :)

Take care,

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