Saturday, 20 October 2012

Garden leftovers ;)

Hello again ;) Today, just like in the title, I'd like to show you what I did with my "garden leftovers" so to say. I just went through the garden cutting whatever came on hand and then put it all together to make a bouquet or two. I ended up with something like this:

Maybe it's not exactly breathtaking but it does cheer up the room. Actually, it's my first year with flowers growing in the garden. Before that, there was just a lot of green stuff (trees and shrubs, I mean), something just possessed me and I started to plant flowers all over the place:P What you see here is my first harvest  ;)

While I'm at it, I'd like to show you my new purchase: some kind of mercury glass urn that I use as a vase. The only problem is I didn't predict the paint is not waterproof  :/ When I threw the flowers out I noticed quite a lot of the silver disappeared, mostly from the bottom. At least it doesn't stand out that much. Now if I want to put a bouquet in it, I put a jar inside the urn.

See the lines on the sides? I didn't notice them then but the flower stems stripped the paint off :/

Here are some more photos of my very first bouquet (taken with my mobile phone, the camera had a major glitch):

And here's the urn's cover :)

I used all the little flowers that were too small for the big bouquet to make a cute posy  :)

I'll soon write an update post about my plant terrariums (I've been putting into terrariums anything that comes withing my reach lately :P)

mini orchid under a cloche

Take care and have a great week! :)

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