Thursday, 18 October 2012

Artichoke is it?

I seriously don't know why but the word 'artichoke' always makes me smile. Anyway, I'm writing about artichokes because I've just finished making something that kind of resembles the vegetable (or fruit?). 

So? An artichoke? Not an artichoke? ;) Maybe you can guess what it's made of? Someone actually told me it could be artificial nails :P  But no, they are just plastic spoons. I broke off the handles and glued the spoons at the top of the jar with my glue gun.

And then glued row after row each one overlaping the one above. 

As you can see, my speckled fawn was again very helpful - he used his behind to hold the freshly glued spoons in place ;P  

You can easily imagine how the shop assistants looked at me when I wanted to buy over 100 plastic spoons... and in autumn! :P I suppose a few more spoons at the bottom would be good but there are no more left in the neighbourhood ;) 

I was thinking about spray painting it, gold maybe? It would look great for Christmas. 

This time it's not my idea. I found this cute artichoke on craftberrybush - I really recommend this blog ;)

Have a great weekend ;)

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  1. Love this idea. I have a huge bag of plastic spoons I bought at a discount store that were so thin around the edges they cut your mouth when eating! I now know how to use them. Artichoke are a symbol of welcome so this would be appropriate for Christmas. Thanks for passing on the idea!

    Distressed Donna Down Home

  2. What a great idea! It is truly adorable and it really looks like an artichoke! :) Just hopped over from Shabbilicous Friday. Would love to have you stop by for a visit. Now following! Blessings ~ Judy

  3. thank you so much! :) I've just visited your blog and I can already see some great ideas there. Your follower now :)