Monday, 22 October 2012

Flower power - Terrarium update

Today I'd like to give you a small update on my plant terrariums (you can read the original post here). The big fern bowl looks just like it before so I think there's no need for new photos. Just to remind you (old photo):

However, a few other terrariums appeared :) I wanted to achieve something like this:

cyclamen under a cloche

And I have this:

mini orchid in full bloom, the day I bought it

shedding blossom

After some time a new bud appeared :)

and my mini orchid is blooming again

There's no denying, an orchid closed in glass looks beautiful :) I watered mine only once - just after putting it inside the container.

I put it still in its pot which I covered with dried moss.

Here's the very first orchid that is going to bloom again after it's lost blossom completely. I never know where to cut the stalk so once the orchid loses its flowers it stays that way until I have to get rid of it (usually because of yellow leaves or other disease). So this small guy is a really nice surprise :)

Here's what it looked like when I bought it

And here is my cyclamen plant in a terrarium. Unfortunately I didn't have a proper camera at the time and now the plant doesn't have flowers and stays in a cool dark place. 

That's all for today so thank you so much for stopping by.
Have a great week! :)


  1. This is Lovely! I am very interested in creating a mini orchid terrarium. How are the mini orchids doing now? still blooming? any advice on choosing a container for your terbium?

  2. thank you;) actually they are blooming right now (fourth time),I don't water them or open the terrarium and they're doing just fine :)
    I suppose you can use whatever you want as long as it can be closed and the orchids fit in without touching the glass.

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