Saturday, 1 September 2012

My "library"

Do you like reading? And I don't mean magazines from time to time but an actual book. I know only three people who read regularly. As far as I'm concerned I was 'converted' to books in my Secondary School where most of my friends liked reading (before that I'd always been quite negative about the whole experience - years and years of making myself read most of the school books took its toll).
Interesting, isn't it? Teenagers usually start smoking or drinking to fit in, I started reading :P  It was quite an  original school, indeed  ;) But don't think they forced me or something. They didn't. They would just constantly recommend this or that and finally I gave in and read a book by Dean Koontz. That's when I got the bug. I've read lots of books since then. Of course that doesn't mean that everyone should like reading just like not everyone should be good at sports (I know something about that!) but here's a piece of advice: try! Think about what kinds of films you like and choose an author accordingly. It's obvious that if you enjoy a good Rambo film you wouldn't be particularly pleased with Jane Austen books ;) 
The books I read usually come from a local library. I'd go bankrupt if I bought every single book I wanted to read, not to mention the space they would take up. For this reason I've been thinking about buying an e-book reader. The biggest advantage is that it's  much lighter than an average book and can store thousands of titles. Long story short, I bought a Nook reader and I'm soooo pleased with that decision. Since I'm a bit obsessed with keeping all my electronic devices in an ideal state, I needed a cover. I suppose I'll buy one in a month or so but for now I just made one myself: 

It's really simple: find an old book with a hard cover and remove the pages. Then glue a wrapping paper you like all around the cover (I bought mine just for that reason, I liked the Burberry-style check :P). I used Mod Podge to do it. Next glue an elastic band long enough to wrap around the closed cover, put it inside on the right. Now, if you want, you can add a piece of fabric (like I did) to protect your Nook's screen. Then find a cardboard, cut it the size of the right part of the cover and again glue the wrapping paper on it. Remember to glue an elastic band in every corner of the cardboard and then you can use your hot glue gun to glue the cardboard inside your cover. To finish off use some kind of varnish to make the cover more durable.  
I know it all sounds a bit intricate but the photos should clear it for you :)

And here's my 'speckled fawn' :) (although it's not exactly a fawn but you get the idea)

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