Saturday, 8 September 2012

The Clay Zoo

I have already bragged about my two pets (namely the dogs) and today it's time for you to meet my other pets. Some time ago I came across a web page where an artist presented her clay animal sculptures. The photos of those animals looked as if they were alive rather than clay but the thing that I just loved was the combination of clay and real rocks or branches (e.g. a lizard lying on an actual rock). Here are some examples (unfortunately, I didn't save the web page when I found it so I can't provide you with any links for those):

What could I say, they are simply stunning. The smaller animals like lizards or cats are life-size while the bigger ones (wolves, elephants etc.) are aobut 50cm tall. I really wanted to have a go at making a few of those, although I am far from being so talented (I should also warn you that the last time I'd "carved" something was in Primary School... with modelling clay:P). And of course my animals weren't going to be so big (although I might try it one day). So I bought some clay and modelling clay and got down to work. Each of the animals took about one day apart from the dog that didn't cooperate and I spent three days putting it together. Anyway, here they are:

A sparrow made of modelling clay and painted.

The dog you have already seen in the previous post - a Great Dane (my dream breed). He's made of clay and painted. Caused me lots of trouble, the legs kept breaking and coming unstuck but a few thin wires saved the day. I just adore him :)

And last but not least... a leopard lying on a branch. Again I used the modelling clay.

I've been seriously thinking about setting up a small heather garden this autumn. If it workes out, I'll share the end result :)

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