Tuesday, 7 August 2012

My dogs

In the previous post I mentioned my dogs and although the blog is about something else, I can't not introduce them to you. The stroy about how they ended up with me is quite interesting, as well. With no further ado, let me introduce...Frodo & Lena:

I'll start with the older from the two, this is Lena:

She came to us when she was a-few-month-old puppy. She just showed up one day with two of her brothers. We managed to catch her but the other pups escaped to the fields. I thought that maybe they had run away from someone's backyard and got lost. After a couple of days it turned out that they were stray dogs together with their mother. We could sometimes see them roaming the fields. Some of my neighbours tried to help them, give some food or take them in but when they grew it became dangerous. They would often attack hens when hungry so it was decided that they should be caught. In the end the dogs just disappeared before anything could be done about the situation. I'm really glad at least one of them is now a happy healthy dog.The photo on the left was taken after Lena's first week in our home and, as you can see in the right one, she was growing pretty fast:

Now, after six years have passed, I've got a great cheerful girl that likes to play football and chase birds :) She looks like she is related to some hounds and she acts just like that. 

And don't ever tell me dogs don't smile :)

After three years with Lena another puppy appeared. Although we were really careful my neighbour's Alsatian met up with Lena and we ended up with three beautiful pups. Two of them have good homes now and the third one stayed with us. This little ball of fur is Frodo:

At some age he looked like some kind of a hairy bat.

Luckily, he got bigger and put on weight (it's probably the hair). He became the defender of the house. Won't let any strangers in but once he gets to know you... it's the sweetest dog I know. I also suspect Frodo thinks he's a Yorkie since he always tries to sit on our laps :)

We live in a beautiful surroundings, close to the forest, a small pond (200m away) and lots of fields and meadows. My dogs love those places just as much as I do:

What about your pets? Are there any stories you'd like to share?
Take care and have a nice week,

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