Saturday, 11 August 2012

Queen Anne's Lace

Ok, so I could understand the name Queen Anne's Lace but...Bishop's Lace? Where do bishops have or wear any lace? :) If you know the answer to my 'how come?', please let me know, I'm really curious. This one's probably some kind of a smaller version of the original Lace:

I just wanted to share some of the photos I took during my 'super professional photo shoot' of the little bouquet. ;)

I was just about to mow them down when I thought they would make a cute bouquet.  It took a lot of picking since the flowers are so tiny but I think it was worth my while. They look charming :) 

I put the flowers in an old bottle I found at the local thrift shop. 

Then I put the bottle on an old stool. We've had it in the family since I can remember. 
The sun was going down when I was taking the photos and the orange rays gave beautiful colors to the bouquet.

I haven't noticed before how the flowers appear in different colors, not just white but also yellow and even pink :)

I love the raindrops on the pink flowers in this one:

I've been trying out different overlays and effects using Picmonkey, some examples:

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