Thursday, 22 November 2012

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

THE END and what not :)

I'll be brief this time :) The English version of my speckled fawn's been taking lots of my time - translating all the posts isn't that simple. That's why I've decided to stop which means that if you want to see what new I've come up with, you should go to my Polish site (the link's on the right) and just choose "Translate" (in the top left-hand corner), for the English lg choose "angielski". I tried it a few times and it works quite good, you can understand the text anyway ;) 
I will, however, post some of my ideas from time to time, just to keep you up to date.
Today I posted the tutorial for this:

Take care ;)

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Monday, 19 November 2012

Linky party features

We're half way through my first linky party (still on  HERE) ;) Below you can see some great ideas of the bloggers taking part.  I decided to choose only six and it was horrendously difficult :) Polish bloggers turned out to be really talented. See for yourself :) 

moss decor idea - Od inspiracji do realizacji

diy mantel Dekolandia

image transfer tutorial - Home znaczy dom 

furniture makeover at Secret Garden

a beautiful pillow - Moje wnętrzarskie ja

using old books - Kachna domowo

The linky party finishes in a week so there'll be some more features then.

Take care ;)

Sunday, 11 November 2012

HAPPY HOUR - my first party :D

Finally! :D on Wednesday I'm starting my very first linky party. This time it'll be available only on my Polish lg  blog the reason being that, as far as I know, inlinkz free subscription (and correct me if I'm wrong) doesn't allow more than one thumbnail collection at a time. You are welcome to visit and link up on my Polish blog, though :)

Take care :)

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Christmas preliminaries

It's been quite a busy week so I didn't have too much time for any creative projects bigger than making a sandwich ;) I did, however, have enough time to notice one thing... Christmas adverts already. I really think it's a bit too early for all that. You can grow tired before the Holiday even begins. On the other hand, if you're planning on doing some decorations, the earlier you start the better so today I'd like to share some of the projects I'll be posting in the upcoming months. Maybe something will catch your eye :) 

I had to show you this candle :) a charming little rocking horse (from Home&you)

A few ideas from the Internet that I'd like to try:

And after all the hard work (taking a few photos) a cup of lemon tea by the fireplace ;)
(I just love this cup, it's perfect for winter;)

Keep warm and have a great week ;)

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Saturday, 3 November 2012


Great animals, these horses, right? :) I've always had a deep admiration for their beauty and gentleness and wanted to learn to ride one day. I actually had a little adventure with a horse in my childhood...a rocking horse, to be precise. I'm probably the only one who ever fell of a rocking horse and broke an arm! :P  Hence you can imagine the reaction of my mother when I told her I'm taking up horse riding. It's been two months now and I've already managed to fall off my horse once, gallop (by accident!) a few times and I practice jumping over tiny obstacles.  I have lots of fun out of it and recommend every horse fan to  try. Maybe I'll share a few photos soon but for now I'd like to show you a different horse.
Wanted this one (ballard designs):

And have this one (equally nice, although he seems to gallop a little slower...)

I found a gallopping horse silhouette on the Internet and printed it.

Then I glued it on a thick cardboard and cut it out carefully. Tip: make sure it's not a corrugated cardboard - every line would be very visible after painting. 

I found somewhere this old floorboard and drilled two small holes in it.

Next I put two kebab sticks in the holes and glued the horse with my glue gun. Added a third stick horizontally and that's all! :) Of course I painted it all with black spray paint (a few thin layers to avoid any paint runs).

Looks nice :) especially so when surrounded by books. 

Have a great week :)

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